Memory Care

Woodcrest Village understands that senior residents who have memory conditions such as dementia require more specialized care and can benefit from the Courtyard, our specialty memory-care program. Our trained staff will develop a comprehensive and structured program to fit the unique needs of each resident in need of memory care.

Our mission and philosophy of care at the Courtyard is to provide a gracious, peaceful, and secure residential living environment for our residents with memory loss or dementia. We work closely with each family to review a potential resident’s unique history, needs, and interests in order to develop a memory care profile that will serve as the foundation of his or her memory care plan.

Each memory care resident will be provided with these life quality enhancements:

  • Stress-free, calm setting
  • Family involvement, as appropriate
  • Wellness and exercise program
  • Balanced nutritious meals
  • Dedicated trained care providers
  • Structured daily life skills activities and programs

Woodcrest Village works in cooperation with leading medical doctors who specialize in dementia, Alzheimer’s, and memory loss. We are dedicated to providing our special care residents with the most advanced care programs, tailored to their individual needs for the most successful outcomes.

At Woodcrest Village, we seek to provide all of our residents with dignity, respect, and the senior care services needed for a healthy, full life while in an assisted living setting.