Woodcrest Village Assisted Living in the News

This is our place to share news and events, community programs, quality of services and care, and the history of Woodcrest Village.

Alzhiemer’s and Woodcrest Village, 2022 Article from the Intertown Record

Lynn Solomon from the Kearsarge Chronicle sits down with Bethany Brenner of Woodcrest Village to discuss the Friends of Woodcrest Village initiative, and what makes Woodcrest so special.

Lynn from the Kearsarge Chronicle sits down with Jamie McConnell, Health Services Director at Woodcrest Village. They talk about the quality of service offered to Woodcrest Village residents to ensure their health and comfort.

Lynn from the Kearsarge Chronicle joins Linda Brenner, Co-Owner of Woodcrest Village to talk about the history of this wonderful facility offering dignified, comfortable living for senior citizens.

Woodcrest Village in the News