At Woodcrest Village, we’ve been providing Assisted Living Care for seniors since 1988. Over that time, we have developed close relationships with our residents and their families. They appreciate the personal attention and dedication that comes with a family-owned senior community. Here’s some testimonials on what some of them have to say about their experience with Woodcrest Village Assisted Living.

Here’s What Our Extended Family Has To Say About Woodcrest Village:

Due to acute balance problems resulting in two serious falls at my Hilltop condo, I moved into Woodcrest Village, an Assisted Living facility, last April. It is a wonderful place. I have a living room, bedroom and bathroom. The meals are delicious and there are lots of activities here. We have a van that takes us on day trips, errands, and to and from appointments. There is also a pub that is open every afternoon for an hour to serve drinks if one desires. My daughter lives just down the hill from here. I have rented my condo at Hilltop Place. I am so fortunate to have my family all living in New Hampshire so that we can all be together most holidays. I could not ask to be living in a better place.

Maggie, Past Resident

If each of us residents and staff had his or her own color, what a picture we would make – a variety of personalities mingling in a unique, attractive building. As we walk around, some behind walkers, there are many individual rest areas, all furnished in Victorian pieces.
It is apparent the management loves fresh flowers. There is always something fresh and natural displayed throughout the building.
The menus are varied and seafood is often served, muffins daily as well as meats, vegetables and great desserts.
Outdoors the property is beautifully landscaped and here again there are plenty of flowers growing. It is noticeable inside and out that Woodcrest is maintained to a high standard of cleanliness.The staff knows each of us and what is required to maintain as active a life as possible, including trips to interesting places and exhibits. How lucky can we get!

Peg, Past Resident

‘Que Sera Sera’ (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

Doris Day’s song was so right. My wife and I had our future planned and two Holland America trips bought and paid for, but she died very suddenly of cancer. I did not choose to live my life by myself, so I moved into Woodcrest Village. Here as we grow older, we are well taken care of. As age handicaps set in, the well-trained staff knows just how to treat us. Instead of us, there should be advertisements written all about them. Woodcrest has very good meals and living conditions. Some New London and Sunapee residents now live here and others from further away. If given a choice, everyone should spend their retirement years at Woodcrest. It’s a first class spot.

Arthur, Past Resident

Woodcrest Village is a very special place in our community. My mother was very reluctant to move to Assisted Living. I think that her whole generation has this reluctance. They are afraid of losing their independence and that life will be institutional. When we moved my mom into Woodcrest – the very first day she said to me, “I like it here. It feels like home.” From that day on, my mother’s life improved. She didn’t need to worry about taking care of the house, preparing her meals, and being alone so much of the time. A lot of her aches and pains disappeared and I really felt that it was because she was not anxious about her life any more. She loved the knitting group and chapel, which she attended regularly. There are many other activities that are offered as well, however, there is no pressure to be more active or involved than you want to be. The staff at Woodcrest is exceptional. They are caring and respectful of all the residents. As a family member I always felt welcome, it was like my home too. I would recommend life at Woodcrest without any reservations. I hope that Woodcrest is available to me when I need it.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am writing to express our heartfelt appreciation for all the loving care, wonderful understanding, truly loving and homey atmosphere, and most of all the great joie de vivre that you provided to my Dad over the past three years. He experienced great joy and an opportunity to be himself, contribute to the community, and explore new friendships with people of all ages. He was of course comfortable and safe with every need attended to and was able to choose to participate as much or as little as he wished in the varied goings-on. His quality of life, even with his various ailments, was superb. Even in the last few days, when it was very clear that the end was near, the people who cared for him and comforted and looked out for me exhibited the most incredible compassion, competence and professionalism in every interaction. I kept thinking how difficult and frightening this process would have been if I were at home with Dad, but how manageable and even positive it was at Woodcrest. The grief at losing a parent is intense, even when the parent is 91 and the death is not unexpected, but as opposed to being distraught over the process, I felt great peace. I truly feel a part of this wonderful community that gave my Dad such a satisfying life in his last years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Woodcrest, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful life my Mom had at Woodcrest. My sisters and I are so happy that she was able to stay in a place where she felt safe and loved. We are all grateful that you provided so many terrific activities and encouraged her to participate so actively. In a world where elderly people are so often overlooked, Woodcrest stands out as a shining example of a place that truly cares.

Fondly, Lee

Dear Woodcrest Friends, When Mom came to live at Woodcrest she was frightened to lose her independence and to say goodbye to her Hilltop home. Through your loving care, Woodcrest became her new home and extended family. To anyone who asked “What is Woodcrest life?” – she would respond in the most glowing of terms. In her decline, you showed her privacy, dignity, and love.

For all of these, her family thanks you again and again.

Affectionately, Barbara

Dear Woodcrest, We are so grateful to have had Dad at Woodcrest. Everyone has always made us feel welcome and at home. We were especially relieved that you accommodated Dad throughout Hospice and until the very end. That last week, when you allowed us to ‘camp out’ at Woodcrest with Dad, we had peace of mind. Everyone accommodated us in every way possible. A relative of ours, is a minister who gives services at nursing homes. He said the staff was ‘perfection’.

Many many thanks, Gale

Dear Woodcrest Friends, We feel so fortunate that Mom was at Woodcrest under the care of the most nurturing and caring staff this side of heaven. Please know how much we appreciated your kindness. She was a one-of-a-kind lady and her six daughters miss her. I have some of Mom’s clothes and they still have that wonderful Woodcrest smell. Something your laundry staff uses evokes great memories, wonderful stories and humorous situations … all are great tools for the healing process. We are wondering if you can take 6 reservations 30 years in advance!! At today’s prices, no less! You are all simply the very best. Thank you for everything.

Fondly, Jan

Dear Woodcrest Friends, Thank you for making the last five years of Dad’s life so happy! Everyone, without exception, truly deserves the Medal of Honor for the way they comfort, care for, and genuinely love all those who call Woodcrest their home! We would like all of you to know how grateful we are for making Dad so comfortable and happy in his final years. Sitting here in my office, I will forever look out our window and visualize him getting up those front steps to what he considered ‘home.’ Thank you for making an old man feel so good!


Dear Woodcrest Friends, Dad always felt fortunate to be at Woodcrest at this stage of his life and expressed to me his gratitude for all you did for him. I could list the ‘big’ things we appreciate about Woodcrest, like the excellent nursing care, the beautiful setting and furnishings, the good food, and the wonderful staff, but I think it’s the ‘smaller’ things that have made Woodcrest special for us. So I thank you for: All the nights you put on lotion and scratched Dad’s back (one of his greatest pleasures). Knowing when to push him and when to ease up. Knowing when to take things seriously and when to see the humor in them. Assisting Dad with kindness, gentleness, and dignity when he struggled with the indignities of old age. Whipping up Dad’s breakfast in the country kitchen, even when he wandered in late. Having oysters on the half-shell – one of his favorites – at last summer’s gala. The clean, fresh room and the neatened piles. All the many interesting activities: the walks, music, art shows, hayride, visits from kids, the field trips to lakes and mountains, restaurant outings, the list goes on and on. The pub and the volunteers who staff it. Addressing all of us by name. The immaculately clean and soft clothes in Dad’s closet. The fruit pies and ice cream which were his favorite. Looking at Dad’s photograph album with him. Sharing your own books with him. The simple, clear invoices and not being ‘nickled and dimed.’ All the beverages trotted in and out of Dad’s room. Giving me advice and tips at his various stages of decline and sharing your knowledge and experience on how to handle them. Your appreciation of who Dad was. Your words of comfort. Your hugs.
Dad’s stay at Woodcrest afforded him both more independence and more care than he could have had living with me. It meant that our last two and a half years together were a time of pleasure, not of stress.

With deep appreciation, Pam

Dear Bethany, There are hardly words to describe the devoted, loving care our wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother Evelyn received in her every moment at The Courtyard. We will be forever grateful that the entire Woodcrest ‘family’ was able to gently take the reins when we needed more help in providing the care and comfort our wife and mom deserved. Someone else described the Woodcrest experience as ‘filled with dignity’ and we could not agree more. It was exactly what we wanted for Mom’s final months and days with us. We cannot thank you enough.

Fondly, The Kiernan Families

Dear Bethany, Jamie and Staff, I cannot tell you how much your album and special note that you sent us meant. Sometimes the simple gestures in life are most profound and that is a perfect example. Our 29-year old son, Matthew said, “That was more than a beautiful place for ‘Shorty’ (Mom’s nickname by him!) to stay!” He was also very touched. I had planned to write you all a thank you the weekend before. I rejoice that Mom had nearly 9 wonderful and happy months with all of you. I felt she arrived when she was able and left when she had to and in between received the very best life she could! She has always lived a humble and generous life, so seeing her in such a serene and beautiful setting was a gift, and in her home town. Thank you again for your gestures and attention to detail.
You are in the right ‘business’ because it seems to be a lifestyle.

With ongoing thanks, Kathy Bacon and Family

Dear (the list is so long), Everyone of you who were so very kind and loving to our Mom while she was there with you. Especially during her last few months. The outpouring of love and tender care giving was overwhelming and we can’t thank you all enough. The love and compassion shown to us was heartwarming and so greatly appreciated. You are all incredible! We will be back to visit.

With much love and many thanks, Cindy, Trish and Peter

Woodcrest Village is one of the best Assisted Living facilities in all of New Hampshire. Located in the middle of New London, Woodcrest Village offers a large variety of options for families choosing to place their family relative in good hands. My grandmother who stayed there, thoroughly enjoyed where she was; she never complained. From the dining services to the recreational games, she always loved it. My grandmother also benefited greatly from the tender care and support of the people, which includes employees and the friends she had made during her stay. She was never confined or restricted from leaving, and made well enough to visit my family on numerous occasions and dine with us. The food is prepared by Woodcrest’s own kitchen staff, made fresh and the rooms are spacious and comfortable to all guests. Woodcrest Village clearly has a better standard of living than most Assisted Living homes within the area, and I fully recommend it.

A review from Caregiver.com